Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our little man :)

We are so in love with our little brysen, he is such a good baby! We are all doing so great and loving parenthood! We love being home and just spending time with our baby! Its been so nice to have my mom around to help out it helps SOOOO much i can't even thank her enough for what she is doing :) Brysen is such a sweetheart i could stare at him all day he is so sweet and perfect! Kyle is the best daddy and is so great with brysen i love my men i am one lucky girl to be blessed with them both in my life :)

My perfect little family♥

he fits right in the palm of daddy's hands

is this not the most precious picture you have ever seen, my two amazing men :)

his cute little feet :)
On our way home from the hospital when we left sunday :)

Brysen got his first mohawk :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brysen Carter Compton♥

Luke(left) and Brysen(right) :) my sister Shana had a baby boy just 8 days before me :) they have lots of the same outfits

Ella,Brysen, and Luke
Ella is such a little mommy and so cute with both boys especially her brother Luke
She is such a good big sister and cousin :)

Our sweet little man arrived today at 10:53am he weighed 6pds 7ozs and was 19.5 inches long and let me just tell you he is so perfect :) Everything went so great i was in labor with him for 13 hours! We had him almost 3 weeks early cause my placenta stopped working right and what a blessing it was that we had a healthy, perfect, little boy, with no problems at all! We are so blessed with this little man! I will put up more pictures up i just had to post about our sweet little blessing :) Me and kyle are so happy to be parents

Friday, March 5, 2010

Brysen's Room :)

I had to post pictures of his crib,dresser, and rocking chair cause i seriously LOVE it all! I was so excited to get it all up, i have been washing clothes all day and getting his room all ready for him and its pretty much all done, now its just waiting for him to get here about 5 more weeks :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We finally moved out and have our own place again :) it is so nice! We finally have ALL of our stuff instead of just some of it! I forgot how nice it is to live with just me and my husband, don't get me wrong it was great at my mom's and we are so grateful for them letting us live there, but it is always great to have your own place that you can call your own! We are so excited to get our sweet little boy's room all set up, we were going to do it Sunday but, stupid babies r us gave me the wrong color crib so we have to wait for the new one to be sent! We are getting so excited for this little boy he comes in around 5 and a half weeks, We can't believe it! It has seriously flown by and before we know it we will both be holding are sweet little man :)! I love seeing how excited Kyle is about Brysen he can't wait, i am so grateful to have such an amazing husband who is so caring and sweet i am am one lucky girl! I can't wait for this little boy to get here too, i am so exhausted and getting huge i feel like a beached whale :) I am always tired i can get 12 hours of sleep and feel like i only got 4! Life is going to be changing so much for us and we are so excited to see how are new life is going to be!
Pictures of our new place will be up after we get our little mans room set up :)