Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 months

Cayden was 2 months on November 24th
 At 2 months
-He is sleeping threw the night from 9-7, he has only been getting up once since he was 1 week old and after 4 weeks he was only up for maybe 20 mins between 3-5am! Such a good sleeper
-He eats every 4 hours during the day and eats around 5 to 6 ozs and sometimes more at night
-He is turning into such a talker, he loves to be talked to and he will tell you stories back
-He is so happy and so smiley ALL day, especially in the morning right when he wakes up
-He is such a chub and has the best cheeks ever
-He loves tummy time (his big brother HATED it)
-He is starting to notice and try to touch his toys
-When I am holding him he always has to have a fist full of my hair, I think it is a comfort thing for him
-Still such a great nurser
-He loves his mommy, I am his favorite person (not for long I am sure, so I def am cherishing that)
-Every year my mom gets ornaments for the grandkids and I had her get Cayden the stay puft marshmellow man cause that is what we call him and he looks like haha
-B's nickname for him is monkey
This little guy is such a great blessing to our family and I wish he would stop growing! He is such a sweet baby and such a great baby! We really are blessed and lucked out to have him! Love you Cayden Nicholas

Cayden's Blessing

Our sweet little Cayden was blessed by his daddy on November 18, 2012 in my mom's ward! It was such a sweet day! I am so thankful that my husband holds the priesthood and was able to bless this little guy! We had family come into town and we couldn't thank them more for coming it meant so much to us for them to share this special day with us! Cayden didn't cry or make a peep while Kyle blessed him (he seriously is the best baby) After the blessing we had everyone come over to our house for some brunch! Thank you to family and friends who came and to the men that helped bless Cayden :) we love you all and are so grateful for you all! I am a slacker and usually so good about getting more pictures this is all we took! I wanted one of the men in the circle, one with all our family, and friends and it was just kinda crazy and didn't happen! So thankful for my eternal family :)