Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our last trip to Disneyland

In January we headed to Disneyland one last time with our passes with my family! We had such a great time, we left Wednesday and came home on Sunday! We did California adventure on Thursday and Disneyland Friday and then went to Oceanside the rest of the weekend and stayed at a beach house and went to the beach and just relaxed! It was so nice doing one park a day and riding and doing everything we wanted in each park instead of wasting time running around both parks! I wish we would have done that more times that we had gone! I love spending time with family and especially in Disneyland! Thanks mom for spoiling my boys so much in the parks and thanks christensens for letting us stay at the beach house! This was def one of my favorite trips to dland the whole time we had our passes! B wasn't feeling to great the whole time we were there but was still so good! My nephew Luke was so funny he loved all the big rides and snuck onto some! This was such a great trip and I love making all the memories with my family!

Christmas Time

II have been slacking on updating, I wish that I was better! I love Christmas time so much, it is my favorite time of the year, so of course we had to go to my favorite place on earth, my two favorite things combined into one Christmas and Disneyland! We went the first weekend in December and had so much fun! It is so magical and decorated amazingly beautiful at Christmas time! Lights are everywhere, some of the rides like Small World are completely changed for this time of year, all the characters have on Christmas outfits and the parade is so awesome! To say we had a good time would be an understatement! It rained off and on while we were there but it was still so fun and the boys are always so good when we go! 

December was a busy month and we did lots of fun things, we took our usual picture with Santa, we made gingerbread houses with my side of the family, we checked out the gardens at the bellagio, which is always so beautiful! We went to the speedway and saw it decorated with all the lights, decorated cookies for Santa, went to Ethel m cactus gardens, saw the Live nativity, which I can't believe that Cayden was baby Jesus for last year, and of course got Christmas eve pj's which has always been tradition in my family! The boys had a great Christmas and were very spoiled! Cayden wasn't really into the whole present thing he found his candy cane filled with m&m's and he was set! B was so cute I love the age he is at, he loved everything and was so much fun to watch him open all of his gifts from Santa! We spent the night at my moms on Christmas eve and hungout with my side of the family all day, the kids played ALL day long! I am always so sad when this time of the year comes to an end because it always seems to be such a fun and magical and exciting time of the year!