Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disneyland Halloween Time

This was probably one of the most exhausting Disneyland trips we have ever taken! To start it all off, Friday before we left, we took Indie (our dog) to my moms for my sister to pick up and for Brysen to play with Luke for a bit and Cayden choked and almost died, thankfully my mom was able to get the Captain Crunch out of his throat, it was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life! I had feed him lunch and put some of the cereal on the high chair for him to eat, I looked over and saw that he was choking and just hit his back, that wasn't helping and he was not coughing or even able to breath, I took him out of the high chair and was hitting his back trying to get it out, that was not working, I shoved my finger in a hook shape down his throat to try to get it out and that didn't work, I could feel it all completely covering his throat, by this time he was turning blue and I started to panic, (I had no clue how to help him and felt helpless) I was so scared my mom took him from me and said "he is coughing that is good" I told her he wasn't and he was turning even more blue, she told me to call 911 and in my head I was thinking he would be dead before anyone showed up if we couldn't help him, finally she shoved her long, skinny finger down his throat and his spit it all out! His whole body had turned blue before she finally got it out his hands, his feet, everything! After all I could do was cry, pray, hug, kiss, squeeze my baby and I was shaking so bad! So that kind of put a damper on the trip for me, Kyle said I was like a zombie the whole way to California and I would cry on and off! We went to California Adventure that night for a few hours and it was so packed and not fun with so many people, Dland had closed at 7 so that park was crazy! That night at the hotel while washing my face, I was exhausted from my day and the water wouldn't turn hot and I thought I just couldn't figure out and was to tired to care! The next morning I got up to shower and played with the shower for 10 minutes trying to get the hot water to work, nope no HOT water, called the front desk and told me they had no hot water, I was so mad that they didn't tell us when we checked in, called the place we booked threw and long story short hot water was supposed to start working at 9 am or we could move hotels! We didn't want to move, we would be in Disneyland all day and didn't want to waste time changing hotels! We decided to go back and rest for a bit and of course when we got back at 4 still no hot water, called and complained again and got my money back for both nights and a 80 dollar voucher and switched hotels, there is more to the story but way to much to type! Needless to say up to this point was not very much fun! After we got checked in to the new hotel everything was so much better and we were able to have such a great time, Of course B had the time of his life even when Kyle and I weren't! We also had some friends the Hamilton's to hang out with on the trip, it was such a blast and our boys are the best of friends, Brysen loved having Ryder to hang out with! Brysen is so fun in Disneyland, he loves to ride all the rides and go from one to the next, man does he have so much energy! Cayden was so good too, he loved looking around on all the rides he could go on, and both boys LOVED the fireworks! Halloween time is probably my fav at Disneyland, I love the way they decorate the whole park, its so amazing! I can't wait to go for Christmas, We have never been and heard its even better then Halloween! Mickey sat on the floor with Cayden so he could be in the picture with Brysen it was the cutest thing and of course Donald Duck always loves him and played with him for 10 minutes, he plays peek a boo, and plays with his hair, it is so cute! I love when the characters are so cute with the kids! All in all it turned out to be a great trip, except the few mishaps and forgetting B's favorite blanket at the hotel and losing his cute mickey buzz light year ears (the lost and found had those the next day) oh and it was gay pride weekend at Disneyland, so it was so packed but we loved being able to spend time with the Hamilton's who are such great friends, and watching our boys have a great time! I am sad our passes our getting close to being expired! Can't wait to go back one maybe two more times!