Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we headed to Brian Head to stay at the cabin for the nice long weekend! It was such a great time, great weather, great food, and great family! Brysen loves it up there, not the first day usually , he has to get used to where he is and his surroundings and after that he LOVED it! He had a blast, he LOVED four wheeling! One morning he woke up daddy gave him a shower got him dressed and first thing he did after that was go put his hat on we had been putting on him to four wheel, walked over to the door and looked at Kyle like "what are you waiting for dad it's time to go four wheel" he thought it was the greatest thing and loved going fast he clapped and was so happy! Man he is so dang cute! On Saturday we went down to Parowan for the Iron County Fair, it was pretty fun (not as fun as I remember but I was a kid when we used to go to it) The funnest part for me was watching Brysen he thought the merry go round was awesome, he was NOT a huge fan of the petting zoo he wanted nothing to do with the goat, he sort of liked the baby sheep cause that was more his size! We hung out most of the time and watched movies, chased B around, and just hung out with family! It was so great to see Callie and AJ who we hardly ever get to see! I think Brian Head is such a beautiful place so relaxing and fun for a nice little get away, we can't wait to go this winter and see what B thinks of the snow now that he is older and wont just crawl in it haha :)

Someone thought it was fun to climb on the table , The Tree underneath is one that  Kyle wrote on over 2 years ago we went and found it, it has aged and i love it :)

He also was a huge fan of the corn on the cob which i think is the best in Utah