Sunday, July 28, 2013


Happy 10 months to our sweet Cayden! He is growing up so fast! I wish him and his brother would slow down, I need a pause button or a stop!
At 10 months
-Still the happiest guy ever
-your only mad when your teeth are breaking threw the skin and man I sure don't blame ya
-Your going from 2 to 6 teeth, your getting all 4 of your front top teeth at the same time
-You say dada, mama, uh oh and you are talking and babbling all the time, he is also in the mimic stage and trys to say everything we say
-You still don't crawl you roll to get every where and to every thing you want
-We switched you to a big boy car seat
-You make a funny squishy face smile all the time now when smiling, its hilarious and you think your hilarious
-Started going threw every toy in your toy basket until they are gone and then you want to do something different
-He is taking 2 naps a day either 2 to 3 hours in the morning and afternoon
-He sleeps so great at night, and always have, you smile every time I lay you in your crib
-Your a mamas boy, anytime I walk pass you, you think you always need me
-You love your food, and snacks and our starting to eat lots more real food rather then the baby food mommy makes for you
-You love swimming, you blow bubbles and will end up being a fish just like your older brother
-You adore your older brother, you laugh at every thing he does and you always smile at him and watch every little thing he does
-Love patty cake, and you love your brother singing to you
-Your standing so well
We love you happy boy

Sunday, July 21, 2013

25 Never Looked Better

Happy Birthday to my Hubby who turned 25 yesterday! I can't begin to say how thankful I am for you and the man you are! Your such an amazing husband and daddy, the boys and I love you to the moon and back! Life with you is so perfect, thanks for being the man of my dreams and for all that you do for our little family! I am so glad that you were born 25 years ago, you make me so happy here is to eternity with you! For Kyle's birthday this year we went up to Brian Head with my mom, step dad, Kyle's parents and brothers! We fished, 4 wheeled, relaxed, ate, and just had a great time! Everyone who fished caught a TON of fish, I caught 3, I didn't have a license and wasn't really trying to fish, Kyle caught around 12 or so, he did not keep track! Brysen was in heaven, he LOVES Brian Head and has been waiting for this trip for months! Everyday he would wake up, it was "we are going to Brian Head today" he is ALL boy, loves to hold every fish everyone caught, he had one that smacked him in the face a few times cause it almost fell and he caught it with his neck, man was that funny! He LOVES to 4 wheel, he wants to go as soon as he wakes up and all day he asks! He loved fishing, he likes to throw rocks in the water too which didn't help all the people who were being quiet trying to catch fish! Cayden finally went to the cabin for his first time and was awesome like always, he is so happy and layed back,such a great baby, he goes with the flow and is always happy doing whatever! We had such a great time spending time with our families and celebrating Kyle's birthday! Love you babe ♥ Happy Birthday I hope you had a great birthday weekend :)

Disneyland with B

A few weeks ago we decided it would be fun to just take B to Disneyland, he got to have mom and dad all to himself! It was a quick but VERY fun trip, my mom and mother in law watched Cayden a huge thanks to them! We left thursday and when we got there went straight to Dland, B the whole ride kept telling us that he wanted to ride Splash Mtn, he is finally tall enough to ride most rides now which is seriously is so fun! We weren't sure if we would be able to cause Mouse wait said it was 75 mins and there was no way we were going to wait in that line so we told B it might not happen! One of my friends Kristen actually works in Disneyland so we always have to stop and see her and she happened to give us some choice fast passes so we headed right on over to Splash Mtn, B kept saying "hold my hand mama, this is my favorite (faborite) ride" his face says it all in the first picture! B is so little that him and I got soaked from head to toe since he barely weighs anything, needless to say but after it was not his favorite anymore, he liked it but hated getting wet! After splash we went on Space Mtn which he LOVED! On Friday we rode all the big rides he could ride and all of Brysen's favs which of course is Buzz Lightyear, he also loved Star Tours! We got to see Peter Pan and a few other characters we never see when we go which was so fun for B! He especially loved Mike and Sully cause we had just watched MU right before going to Disneyland! We had so much fun! I love that Brysen can finally ride a lot more rides, it makes it that much more fun! Kyle and I loved being with just B, he is such a sweet boy and was so awesome on our little trip!