Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our little BOY♥

Our sweet litte boy is growing and getting so big, today we had the detailed ultrasound where they make sure he has all his toes and fingers, his heart and head measure normal, if he has both kidneys and tons more, he was perfect! I am in love with this little boy he is so cute and has the cutest face and profile! We are so grateful for this little boy and how healthy he is!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


On friday night we all went over to my sister Shana's and carved pumpkins and ate chilly, it was so much fun :) I made kyle do pretty much all of our pumpkin cause i was to scared to mess it up, he did a great job! On halloween i had to work so kyle got to have fun and dress up in the Gorilla suit and scare all the little kids, it sounded like he was being so funny i wish i wouldn't have missed it!

Ella painting her pumpkin :)
Everyones Pumpkins :)

Mine and kyles pumpkin :)
Shana and Stews pumpkin :)
James haha he said back in his day there were no such things as stencil you just draw and face and cut it out :)