Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surprise :)

Baby compton #2 is on its way! We are so excited and happy! October 19th is the babies due date, but I am guessing he/she will be here sooner then that because with Brysen I was induced at 37 weeks but I was also dilated to a 4 when we went into the hospital, my body probably can't handle full term cause of how short I am! We had our first Dr appointment this past week and that baby is doing great so far and it is tiny  (the size of a blueberry right now) the baby had a very strong heartbeat! Brysen will be such a cute big brother, he always points to my belly and says baby and big brother! The kids will be a little over 2 and a half years apart! I wanted them to be at least 3 but that all changed a few months ago when we had this very very strong feeling that there was a precious baby ready to be born into our family! We were right cause when I stopped taking my bc I was pregnant a week later! This baby and that feeling were definitely meant to be! We are so thrilled and can't wait! We find out the gender on April 20th so we will keep everyone updated :)