Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Months♥

6 Months ago today we were given this amazing little blessing
I would really like to know where the time is going, now that he is 6 months i feel like he is pretty much a year old he needs to stop growing up so fast!
At 6 months
-He is sitting up so good
-He weighs 19.6pdsand is 27 3/4 inches long
-He smiles and laughs
-He sleeps from 830pm to 830 am(i LOVE this)
-He takes 2 naps a day
-Loves eating his baby food
-He still is not a huge fan of being on his tummy, i think he will want to walk rather then crawl
-Loves to play with his toys but still loves his burp cloth the most
-He mimics or trys to mimic everything you say and do to him
-He loves when you click your tongue at him and blow with your lips, he can do it himself(but be careful he spits)
-He LOVES his mickey( good thing we are going to disneyland in a few weeks cause kyle lost it)
-He loves his bath and gets me wet cause he splashes so much
-He only likes going to sleep in his crib
-He loves to have everything over his face blankets, bibs, burp clothes, toys haha and he will only sleep with his blanket over his face :) silly boy
I Could go on and on about my smart, sweet, and handsome little man but i think thats enough for now:)

We love you Brysen

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Generations

Brysen has him, his daddy, grandma, great grandma, and a great great grandma! How many of you have 5 generations? i am guessing not really anyone :) This doesn't happen to often to have this many generations, Brysen is a lucky boy!
This is Kyle's side of the family, my side only has 4 generations which is still pretty neat also

Kyle's brothers were ordained to teachers this weekend so we had some family in town and hung out it was fun, they came all the way from New Mexico :) we took lots and lots of pictures this is only a few!

Another 5 generation picture :)

This is also another 5 generation picture we took lots :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Football Season is here

Of course the boys have to both have charger jersey's :)
Isn't that the cutest thing haha i love it
I have now lost my husband to the T.V. when football is on
When the Chargers loose or are playing bad i need to stay away
Men and there football i will never understand
It makes me laugh to see how mad everyone gets when it affects them in no way
every status on my fbook is now talking about all the teams and its annoying
Needless to say it has all just begun and i am ready for it to be over

Friday, September 10, 2010

You know your a mommy when...

your new perfume is usually smelling like spit up
you trade your late nights for early mornings
you trade your long relaxing bath with a QUICK shower
The only thing that is EVER on your mind is your little sweetheart
I love being a mommy
I think back to before we had our sweet little man, I don't know how i ever survived without his cute face in my life :)
I love every change that he has made in my life
I am so grateful to be a mom what a blessing it is
I love waking up every morning and as soon as Brysen see's my face he has the BIGGEST smile, it melts my heart every time :)
Today when i got up with him i gave him to kyle for just a min and all he wanted was me! I love how attached he is to me and to his daddy! Its amazing at how little they are and you can just tell how much they love you!
He is such a mommy and daddy's boy
When Kyle gets home from work Brysen gets so excited its the cutest thing!
We are so lucky to have this cute little face in our lives :)