Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swimming and Peas

Brysen LOVES to go swimming! He will stay in the pool and spa for a very long time, i am hoping his is a fish like his mom :) I dunk him under all the time and he actually likes it haha i know i am a mean mom for dunking him well kyle thinks i am haha :) but at least he likes it!

how cute are those flip flops :) i love love love them

I finally decided to give brysen baby food and first thing he tryed was PEAS and he loves them and ate them so good! He is such a good baby! We love him so much :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4 Months :)

LOOK at those chunky legs how cute are they

haha he has started to keep his legs up like this all the time, silly boy

Happy 4 months to our little man :)
-He is getting so big its crazy, he now weighs 15pds and is 24.5 inches long(daddy is hoping for a tall boy to play bball)
-Brysen is talking so much, he is also smiling, and laughing so much we love it!
-We are so lucky to have such a good happy baby
-Our little man is teething already he has 2 top teeth that are popping threw its crazy!
-He is sleeping from 830 to about 6 and goes back to bed till he eats at 830, when he gets up he usually just needs his binky
-At night we put him to bed awake and he goes right to sleep on his own!
-He loves his baby einstein and his burp clothes, he always plays with them
-We dunked him in the pool and he liked it, well i think he did! He is going to be a fish likes his mom :)
-He loves his mommy and daddy i love how excited he gets when he sees us both
We love you Brysen Carter♥

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today is my amazing husband's birthday and i just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday! He is 22 years old today! Your such a great daddy and husband me and Brysen are so blessed to have you in our lives! Your getting old babe :) I just want to tell my husband that i love him and i hope today is a great day for you(even tho most of it your at work) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE your the best husband and father♥

This past weekend we headed up to Syracuse, UT to visit my sweet grandma! When we lived in UT we used to go up there for Sunday dinner so we are sad we don't get to see her as often as we used too, so we decided we would go visit! She is the nicest person you will ever meet and we had so much fun we went shopping, bowling, and just hung out and had such a great time! She couldn't get enough of our little Brysen (who could blame her i can't get enough of him and i am with him everyday) We are so glad we could go up there it was a quick trip and we wish we could go more often :) We love you Grandma Abate! Thanks for everything ♥
We also went up to see my mom's parents it was so good to see them too! We love you both too Grandma and Grandpa Laughter♥

We made him a bulid a bear :) he LOVES it

He is such a good traveler he slept most of the time
we wore him out the day we went shopping :)