Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 years

We can't even believe it has been 3 years since we said I DO! May 15 was our 3 year anniversary and I couldn't be happier with the life I have with this handsome man! We are both so blessed and have a great life together, it is not perfect but with him by my side it makes everything worth while! We have been threw so much the past 3 years and I am grateful for the good and the bad that has happened! We have been blessed with an amazing little boy and soon to be another! I am so glad this man is my forever and that we have been together 3 years and we still have eternity to go! I am so grateful to have an amazing husband and father to my son, and can't wait to see how he is with our new little boy on the way! My mom watched little B so we could go out on a date, we went to red lobster and saw Avengers, it was a great night! Babes thank you for putting up with me and loving me so much, you are the best man I could ask for and so happy that you are mine! Happy Anniversary, here is to forever with the man of my dreams <3

Random fun the past few months

We went to an easter egg hunt and B hated the easter bunny haha but of course loved getting eggs :)

Park time with friends and family! We are at the park at least once  a week with friends of cousins :)

My stepdad had a convention at the Cosmopolitan so we took a room key and went and hung by the pool all 3 days he was down there! It was a great pool for little kids and of course our little fishy loved it! Brysen is just like me when I was little and loves the water so much and he is fearless it is scary but he always has a very close eye and hand on him :) My friend Ericka and her girls came with us a few times and my other friend ciera and her daughter came one day and hung with us it was a blast :) 

More park time with his cute cousin Luke :)

Haircuts, his hair grows SO fast just like mommy and daddy's

Of course we also always swim at my moms, on memorial day brysen swam for over 4 hours and got tired towards the end, he is such a fish and would swim all day everyday if i let him :)

Puddle Jumper is the best invention ever, especially for this crazy man cause we don't have to hold onto him every sec cause he loves to go under :)

So this has been our life over the past months that have passed! I am sure I have missed things but this is most of it! We try to keep busy and do fun stuff with the little man! I really need to try and be better about updating this blog so we can look back and remember all of the fun times :)

Disneyland In March

Brysen and I headed to California with my sister Shana and her kids for a few days back in March and of course we went to Disneyland, we had such a great time! We hung out and just relaxed most of the time with Shana's sis in law and her kids and she lets us stay with her! We went and walked down by the beach and hung out by a park right near the water cause it was way to cold to even hang on the beach and swim in the water! Then of course the next day we hung out all day in Disneyland, Brysen wasn't to sure about all the rides at first and then LOVED them! He is such a thrill seeker so I was surprised at first when he didn't really like the rides! He still LOVES all the characters and would probably take one home with him to play with all day everyday if he could! Such a fun trip and thanks to Anna for having brysen and I and to Shana for letting us tag along :)

Playing catch up

He popped all 30 ballons and thought it was the best thing EVER

He loved the cake frosting well the fondant haha 
Sorry for all the blog postings but I am going to play catch up with the year that has already flown by, I have become a slacker at posting whats going on in our life :)

Well my sweet baby turned 2 in March! We can't even believe it! Where is the time going???? We left for Disneyland on his actual birthday! When we got back we had a little party for him at my moms, we had cake and ice cream and then we swam afterwards! I had some girls at my work make him a Toy Story Cake cause he is OBSESSED with that movie! He loves buzz and woody! They did a great job and I was impressed! He was of course spoiled by all of our friends and family who came, so thank you to all :)
I can't believe how much he is changing and how much he looks like a little boy instead of a baby, kind of depressing cause I don't want him to ever grow up! He is talking so so much and is such a sweet boy, well most of the time he is sweet! This sweet boy has brought us so much joy for over 2 years and we sure love him more then he will ever truly know! He got a bike for his birthday and he loves it! I could go on and on and tell you everything about this cute man, cause we sure love everything about him and all the little things he does but I will spare you :)