Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and other October Fun

This October was full of funn not only did we go to Disneyland but we picked out our own pumpkins at the Orchard, carved them, went to the pumpkin patch, trunk or treating, and of course trick or treating! I love my family and all the fun things that we all do together! I love the start of the holidays and all the fun things to do from oct-dec :) Brysen was so cute on Halloween, he still is not sure what is really going on but he loved getting candy and putting it in his bag and running around with Ella and Luke

so happy picking out pumpkins

the pumpkin patch :) he loved going down the slide

and riding the swing 

our minnie mouse pumpkin that my sweet hubby worked so hard on

painting his own little pumpkin


Our little Jack Sparrow

these 2 will NOT sit still for a picture 

Disneyland 2011

Just like every other October we head to the happiest place on earth with the Horns, Christensen's, and James! I look forward to this trip from the day that we leave it every year! I love going to Disneyland with my family, we always have such a great time! This year was even more enjoyable because Brysen is older and he was so cute to watch and he loved riding all the rides! We left on a Monday and got to Cali early, we went to the beach for a little bit but it was freezing this year, after the beach we ate at BJS like we do every year! The next morning we got up bright and early and went to the Character breakfast, it was so fun! Brysen LOVED it and would get so excited to see, talk, and try to feed all the characters, he would get so mad when they would leave to go to the other tables! Then we had a fun filled day at Disneyland riding rides, eating churros and of course yummy Minnie Mouse apples! Wed we also spent the whole day in the park and then headed back home it was another great day and I am sad it is over with already but hey there is always next year to look forward too! I wish I could go to Disneyland every weekend haha its my favorite place well one of them :)

Our fav Character 

B loved giving all of them kisses 

cutest kids ever 

the most delicious apple ever :)

on the 2nd day B was so tired that he fell asleep in daddy's arms 

Luke escaping out of his stroller 

Friday, October 7, 2011

18 months

Seriously I can't believe how fast time goes by when you have a child! This little boy is now 18 months as of September 27, I keep wondering to myself no he can't be half way too 2, he just turned one or so I feel like! This little man keeps us on our toes 24/7 and is very busy all the time! We love him more then anything even when he is a little devil(that is one of his nicknames i have given him haha)
At 18 months
-Loves books
-Loves Cars, vroom vrooms as he calls them
-Loves his moooom and dada
-Says Hi about a thousand times a day to everyone we pass and he sees
-He likes his nigh nigh (binky) but he only gets it for bed and naps
-Has quit the little temper and attitude, bangs his head on the floor! YES we know he is bound to have with his parents
-He went threw a hitting stage and I am hoping that has come to an end
-He still only has 8 teeth and 2 are molars and the rest of his gums are so swollen, I HATE teething
-He can be very sweet and give hugs and kisses only when he wants
-He loves babies and every time he sees one he says baby, baby mwahhhhh he thinks he needs to give everyone a kiss
-Climbs on everything tables, chairs, couches, anything his possibly can
-He is a trouble maker
-Loves to play with kids, especially his cute cousins :)
-Says lots and lots of words and picks up a new one everyday, drink, nigh nigh, mom, dad, please, thanks, more,HI, fan, waffles, he can say candy in his own way, bye bye, cheese, balloon
-He loves animals, dogs
-Loves planes, cars, ballons, trucks
-LOVES 4 wheelers
-Loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-He LOVES to dance, he is always dancing
-Acts crazy when he is over tired with a funny laugh and is so silly
-He is all boy and very busy we sure love him

his funny smile 

so proud of himself going down the slide all alone

Little Vampire

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Girls Trip

On the weekend of the 23, My Mom, Shana, and I headed up to Salt Lake for a GIRLS TRIP! It was so much fun and such a nice little get away, I missed my sweet little family but it was so fun! Friday, we stopped in St. George and ate at Kneaders, then we shopped at Krumpettes and got some very very cute Halloween decorations! When we got to Salt Lake we got changed and went and ate at Tucanos and then did a little shopping! The next day my grandma, Stacy, and Callie headed up and we ate breakfast at the hotel and went shopping for almost the whole day! We went to the cutest Chocolate shop called Hatches, little people own it and operate it, it was so yummy, they have also been on TLC! After shopping we got to attend The Womans Session of General Conference, it was so amazing! A huge thanks to my Aunt Kathleen for getting us tickets and such great seats! After the broadcast we ate at the Blue Lemon, which i DON'T recommend anyone eating at this place! We had the most awful experience with a manager and food being cold and oh man I could go on and on but I won't! Sunday we kinda relaxed for a bit then headed home! It was a very fun and short trip but  I loved every second of it with the girls! Hopefully we can do it more often :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we headed to Brian Head to stay at the cabin for the nice long weekend! It was such a great time, great weather, great food, and great family! Brysen loves it up there, not the first day usually , he has to get used to where he is and his surroundings and after that he LOVED it! He had a blast, he LOVED four wheeling! One morning he woke up daddy gave him a shower got him dressed and first thing he did after that was go put his hat on we had been putting on him to four wheel, walked over to the door and looked at Kyle like "what are you waiting for dad it's time to go four wheel" he thought it was the greatest thing and loved going fast he clapped and was so happy! Man he is so dang cute! On Saturday we went down to Parowan for the Iron County Fair, it was pretty fun (not as fun as I remember but I was a kid when we used to go to it) The funnest part for me was watching Brysen he thought the merry go round was awesome, he was NOT a huge fan of the petting zoo he wanted nothing to do with the goat, he sort of liked the baby sheep cause that was more his size! We hung out most of the time and watched movies, chased B around, and just hung out with family! It was so great to see Callie and AJ who we hardly ever get to see! I think Brian Head is such a beautiful place so relaxing and fun for a nice little get away, we can't wait to go this winter and see what B thinks of the snow now that he is older and wont just crawl in it haha :)

Someone thought it was fun to climb on the table , The Tree underneath is one that  Kyle wrote on over 2 years ago we went and found it, it has aged and i love it :)

He also was a huge fan of the corn on the cob which i think is the best in Utah