Saturday, June 14, 2014

Horn, Compton, Christensen, Abate

For Mother's day my sister and I decided it was time for an updated family picture of all of us, so that was one of the things we did for our mom! Love my crazy family and love these photos my great friend Michelle Clark Photography did! These are just a few of my favs :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Maui, HI ♥ 5 year anniversary

Kyle and I headed to Maui, Hawaii on May 10 for our 5 year anniversary, he had surprised me and planned this trip, including every last detail without me even knowing! He did cave and end up telling me before he had planned but still what an amazing surprise! The day we got to Maui, we checked out the hotel, the beach, our pool, and everything that was right around our hotel! Our view from our room was amazing, it was nothing but the ocean, they upgraded our room to a way expensive one, no idea why but it was awesome!

On Sunday we did some more exploring and it was kind of a bust cause we didn't find the blow hole or the heart shaped rock but it was still fun, we looked around all the shops and hung out at the beach and pool, we went to lunch at a place called Hula Grill barefoot bar, it was so cool to sit with your feet in the sand and have a great view of the ocean! It ended up being kind of a downer that day when we were at the beach a man drowned and we saw them bring him in and work on him, after that we left and went out for dinner at a place called Teddy's burgers and watched the sunset and called it a day, it was very crazy!

Monday we were supposed to go on a 6 hour snorkeling tour but it was canceled due to the crazy rain and wind that the boats couldn't get 3 miles past the shore, we moved it to another day and decided to go do all of our shopping and get everyone their souvenirs! We went to Front street which is a old town in Lahaina and it was so much fun, we got shaved ice, spoiled each other and our kids back home! We of course did more beach and more swimming in the pool. We also walked down the beach from our hotel to a place called Whalers Village that was a cute little mall type thing, with lots of tasty restaurants and gorgeous view! Right by where are room was a monk seal hung out on the black rock it was so awesome! That night we got Teddy's burgers again and watched the sunset from our hotel room!

Tuesday our snorkeling tour to Lanai got canceled AGAIN but they still took us out snorkeling if you wanted to go so we decided to go! It was so much fun, snorkeling is so amazing, we snorkeled in 3 different spots, saw tons of cool fish, some turtles, a shipwreck and of course tons of coral! It was so fun to just watch all the fish and to follow the turtles around and see what they do under the water, we would get so far away from the boat without even realizing till we would look up out of the water, you get so focused on all the awesome life under the ocean! Later that night we went to dinner at Leilani's and man did they have some great food, I always ordered pog juice everywhere we ate, the fresh squeezed juice was so amazing, lets be honest tho all the food in HI is amazing, the pineapple, and mango breads, the fruit oh yum! We even bought the Hawaii brand juices to have in our hotel room, and we ate about a million bags of the chocolate macadamia nuts, amazing!

Wednesday we went on a hike to twin waterfalls, it was rainy so they gave us ponchos and of course everyone but Kyle wore one, Mr tough guy haha, it was so fun learning about all the plants, flowers, bamboo, banyan trees, pineapple, mangos, and all the other awesome stuff in the rain forrest, we even got to eat a bunch of berries and other things! We learned pineapple takes 22 months to grow, they hate mango season in HI because when the mangos grow on the tree they are very poisonous before the stuff is scrubbed off of them leaving scars on people! The waterfalls were kind of lame and we were supposed to be able to swim in them but the water from the rain was to high and to crazy to swim in, and the were so muddy from the rain I didn't think it was that beautiful! Later that night we of course had to go to a luau, I learned how to hula on stage and we ate some pork that they cook underground, and lots of other delicious foods and desserts.

Thursday was our 5 year anniversary, in the morning we went to a nice breakfast right on the beach, ate some delicious food and then we relaxed and hung out at the beach, did some snorkeling around the black rock at our hotel, which was awesome, the fish are everywhere and a huge turtle hangs out in there, hung by the pool, and did some jumping off the black rock which was so amazing! We had such a relaxing day! That night we went to a Sunset Dinner Cruise, I DON'T ever recommend doing one of those, we thought it would be romantic but it wasn't you sit with other people, the food was okay, and it was kind of awkward, the people we sat with were so nice! The best part about this was the dolphins that hung out by our boat, they were so beautiful, I LOVE dolphins, I just watched them and didn't even care to go eat my food when they finally served it, I was more interested in watching the dolphins!

Friday was our most adventurous day we got up and hung on the patio like we did every morning but it was amazing cause we had dolphins swimming around right by our hotel room, we always were up so early cause of the time difference, first we started out with pair sailing in the morning, it was so amazing and so peaceful being so high up in the air, and that day couldn't have been more perfect, the weather was amazing and you could see all the fish and bottom of the ocean from up there! This was probably one of my most favorite things that we did! It was the first day of the season for pair sailing so we were so excited we were able to go! After that we had to hurry to middle of the island to go on the Flying Hawaiian Zipline, it was a 4 hour long tour, that consisted of 8 different lines, and the longest one in hawaii which was 2/3 of a mile, we even got to go backwards on some lines and hang upside down if you wanted, I was the only girl who did that! It was so beautiful up in the mountains, seeing the Island from up so high, we got to do to amazing things all in one day! Definitely one of my favorite days in Maui!

Saturday we got packed up and enjoyed the island before it was time to come home, I was so sad to leave but SOOO excited to get home to my 2 little men, cause man did I miss them and they missed us so much! We didn't get back till way late that night but we woke the boys up so we could see them and they were so happy! Its always nice to have time away from them but so great to get back to them! A huge thanks to mine and Kyle's mom for watching our kids because without them this trip wouldn't have been possible and knowing they were in great hands made me able to enjoy this amazing trip! I am ready to go back already, I miss it all! Thanks for the amazing trip babe your the best husband a girl could ask for and this was the most amazing way to spend our 5 year anniversary in paradise with our toes in the sand! I love you Kyle, 5 years and eternity to go!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter weekend

We headed up to Utah for my Grandma and Grandpa Laughters annual Easter egg hunt! We stayed with my Grandma Abate! On Friday my Grandma took us down to Salt Lake and we went to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, the boys had so much fun, they loved all of the animals, and fish! Cayden would point and say "woooow" and never wanted to leave each animal or fish he was looking at! B of course loved it all and didn't want to leave, its a really cool aquarium but still under some construction and missing some of the animals, we can't wait to go back this summer and see it all finished! Saturday we headed to the annual Easter egg hunt and to visit with my grandparents, I have always loved going to the Easter egg hunt, they have done it my whole life and I love seeing my cute boys participate in a tradition I did growing up! We start out with the egg hunt for the little kids, then the older kids get to find the one big, boy and girl egg and whoever does gets a prize! Then we do the pinata which both of my children loved, then we have a lunch and chat with everyone who comes and man is that side of the family huge! Sunday we headed back and just hung out at my grandmas before hand, its always sad to leave and we wish we lived closer to all the family in Utah! I am so glad we were able to make it up for this one cause I have heard it could be the last Easter egg hunt since my grandparents are getting older, I know I will sure miss it and hope they we still have a few more to come!