Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 months♥

Brysen is 3 months old today! I would like someone to tell me how in these short months he has gone from this...... this?

i still can't believe it! This little man is such a great baby He is now weighing 13pds 4ozs he has doubled his birth weight exactly( yes he is a chub) We are so in love with our little man and can't get enough of him!

At 3 months Brysen is

- Smiling tons

-He talks up a storm and mimics or trys to say everything you say to him

-He LOVES his baby einstein gym, its his favorite

-He loves his mickey mouse

-He sleeps from 9pm to usually around 5am and back to sleep again till 9:30

-Laughed for the first time on Father's Day

-He LOVES his bath epecially if your in with him

-He is such a great baby and so so cute

-LOVES his daddy and lights up when he gets home from work

-He eats around 4 to 6ozs every feeding

-He kicks his feet SOOO much they never stop moving especially when he is excited

-He is starting to like the TV and watches it when he is eating

This little man is our everything and we couldn't imagine life without him :)

He was not to happy to be in the swing he was not sure about it!

he loves to sleep with his hand by his head, we swaddle him in a swaddle blanket for bed time and his hands our to his side but somehow every morning when i go in his room he has managed to get one or both out of it :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

i just had..

To post these :) my talented cousin emily took these while we were on our girls trip in utah and i had to share! I am so in love with every single one of them! I love having this little boy in my life and have no clue what i would do without him!

to check out my cousin amazing photography go to :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


These two are seriously the cutest boys ever :) i love them both! It will be so fun for them to grow up and be the best of friends!

Luke is telling brysen life is much better if he would just smile all the time like he does :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Of updates; First Brysen was blessed by my amazing husband on May 16, 2010 the day after we were sealed so that weekend was such an amazing weekend for my family! :) Kyle did such an amazing job! I am so blessed to have a huband who holds the priesthood! Luke my cute nephew was also blessed that same day and stew did such a great job, me and my sister are very lucky women to have such great hubby's! After the blessing the family headed over to Kathryn Christensen's for lunch it was so great!

daddy loves his boy :)

Callie, me, my mom, james, and shana

Ella holding the two boys at Kathryn's
their great grandpa

great grandma abate :)
2nd Brysen is starting to be so so smiley and talkative! He is pretty stingy with his smiles but we have managed to catch a few on the camera! His whole face lights up when he smiles and it MELTS my heart! We are so in love with this little boy! He is such a blessing in our lives!

this picture of him naked was acutally the first time i got him smiling and i didn't even mean to! I went to get the camera just cause i wanted a pic of him cause he looked cute i snapped it and he smiled i couldn't believe it, i looked at him and was like did i really just catch that on camera and i did :) he is such a cutie

LAST we went to brianhead over Memorial Day weekend and had such a great time! We love to go up there and just relax, and of course me and kyle love to go 4 wheeling, except there were not to many places to go cause there is still snow up there in JUNE what the heck! It was also Brysen's first roadtrip and he did so good! He is such a good baby! Except after we got back he got very sick with a fever and we spent lots of days at the dr after we got back! It was the saddest thing ever watching them try to take his blood(which they could not do right and i was so so pissed) they tryed 5 times to get his blood i was one mad mommy! He had gotten an infection luckily they have shots that kill it quick and he felt better pretty fast, and also thanks to the priesthood he felt better quick :)