Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July :]

For the Fourth of July weekend we went to brianhead! We had so much fun just hanging out with family, relaxing, 4 wheeling, and watching fireworks! My family has a beautiful cabin up in brianhead and they share it with everyone! Its always nice to get away for a weekend and forget about reality :] thanks for such a great weekend everyone!! Kyle carved our names in a tree :], we were out riding and he got off and told me i couldnt look and when i turned around this is what i saw :]!


Sean and Hollee said...

You two look so happy. Looks like your fam had tonz of fun. Love ya!

stewart.shana.ella said...

All your pictures are so cute:) Love the tree!

Paige Nelson said...

That tree carving is the cutest! How sweet. Looks like a super fun four wheeling! LOVE 4th of July!! :)

p.s. That picture of your puppy on your side bar, with that huge pink flower collar, is ADORABLE!