Sunday, November 1, 2009


On friday night we all went over to my sister Shana's and carved pumpkins and ate chilly, it was so much fun :) I made kyle do pretty much all of our pumpkin cause i was to scared to mess it up, he did a great job! On halloween i had to work so kyle got to have fun and dress up in the Gorilla suit and scare all the little kids, it sounded like he was being so funny i wish i wouldn't have missed it!

Ella painting her pumpkin :)
Everyones Pumpkins :)

Mine and kyles pumpkin :)
Shana and Stews pumpkin :)
James haha he said back in his day there were no such things as stencil you just draw and face and cut it out :)

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stewart.shana.ella said...

Kyle was pretty funny in the gorilla suit. I think her had a little too much fun:)