Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was great this year and we got tons of great stuff! The week before my dad came to visit so he could see all of us kids before Christmas and it was so great to see him :) Christmas Eve we hungout with Kyle's Family and then all of my family stayed the night at my mom's it was soo fun! Ella was so fun to watch on christmas it is lots more fun with a little one around and we cant wait till next year when we have our sweet little one to celebrate it with! Christmas is such a great time of year and i love it i feel like everyone is always so much happier! I am so thankful for the season and hope that everyone remembers the real reason for the season and the great gift we all were given when Jesus Christ was born! Happy Holidays Everyone we love you all :)

Kyle in the funny sweater we pass around as a present every year he got it this year hahaha :)

James always has to play a game of football christmas day with everyone


Sean and Hollee said...

Look like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I think I about laughed my head off when I saw Kyle in that sweater. We love and miss you guys!

grammyjan said...

I wonder who will get the sweater next. Kyle should have worn that to work he looks so good in it. Maybe he should take it to the cabin it will keep him nice and warm.