Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 Months♥

Our little bug is now 7 months i can't even believe it, where is the time going!
-At 7 months B is sitting up so good and he can kind of scoot
-He loves his mickey mouse
-He is getting very attached to his parents and hates when we leave
-He is wearing 6-12 month clothes
-He gets bored of his toys and always had to entertained
-He has the sweetest personality
-He has learned how to clap and its so stinking cute
-He loves his baby food and can't ever eat it fast enough little piggy
-He still is sleeping good threw the night and sleeps from about 8pm to 8am
-our little chub weighs 20 pds i think they measured him wrong tho
-He loves dogs, we brought  him around lucy and he laughed everytime she came around him
-He is such a great baby hardly ever fusses and its just an all around happy baby

 we also went to the pumpkin patch and we had a blast, ella is so cute to always watch :) i love my family and that we always go out and do things together! Nothing is better then family, they are the best! I am so grateful for everyone in my family :)


Nick + Paige said...

Ok- That picture of him in the bath tub is to die for. He's so so adorable. You have such a cute little family. :) So happy for you.

shana said...

So funny how he didn't like the pumpkins, b makes me laugh.