Sunday, June 19, 2011


The things our happy, cute, little man is doing at almost 15 months!
- Talking so much, it is the first things he does when he wakes up and the last thing he does before falling asleep
-He is saying TONS of stuff now whas that is now what is that
ugh ohhh
Stop that
nana (banana)
he said love you once
i don't want to of course in his own little way
thank you
nigh nigh
No No
and he learns new words everday
-He also makes lots of noises, piggy, cars vroom vroom
-He is now climbing on too everything, thanks to cute Luke :)
-Points at your eye and says eye
-He LOVES the pool he is such a fish, he blows bubbles and dunks himself all the time, loves to jump in
-He dances everytime he hears music, we will be in a store or anywhere and if he hears music he starts dancing, it is to cute
-Loves mickey mouse club house
-Talks on the phone well pretends 
-dunks the basketball in his hoop
-Thinks it is so funny to be chased around the house
-He plays his recorder
-He gives lots of kisses and sometimes fakes it and laughs
-When he gives hugs he says awwww
-He is soooo busy, and definitely a boy
There is stuff i am sure i am missing but he is growing and learning so much 
We Love our Brysen so much
He looks like such a toddler now and it makes me sad haha 
I love this age even as busy as he is I think it is so fun, everything he is learning everyday is so darling and I can't get enough of all of it and how fast he learns things :)

                              This is how crazy he is in the water :)

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stewart.shana.ella said...

Oh B we love you and love that you are a crazy, crazy little man:)