Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 months

Cayden was 2 months on November 24th
 At 2 months
-He is sleeping threw the night from 9-7, he has only been getting up once since he was 1 week old and after 4 weeks he was only up for maybe 20 mins between 3-5am! Such a good sleeper
-He eats every 4 hours during the day and eats around 5 to 6 ozs and sometimes more at night
-He is turning into such a talker, he loves to be talked to and he will tell you stories back
-He is so happy and so smiley ALL day, especially in the morning right when he wakes up
-He is such a chub and has the best cheeks ever
-He loves tummy time (his big brother HATED it)
-He is starting to notice and try to touch his toys
-When I am holding him he always has to have a fist full of my hair, I think it is a comfort thing for him
-Still such a great nurser
-He loves his mommy, I am his favorite person (not for long I am sure, so I def am cherishing that)
-Every year my mom gets ornaments for the grandkids and I had her get Cayden the stay puft marshmellow man cause that is what we call him and he looks like haha
-B's nickname for him is monkey
This little guy is such a great blessing to our family and I wish he would stop growing! He is such a sweet baby and such a great baby! We really are blessed and lucked out to have him! Love you Cayden Nicholas


Rachael Mulder said...

such a sweet boy! (and boys!) i absolutely loved seeing you at the nativity. he did such a good job being baby Jesus!

Arielle said...

He is so sweet!! And B is such a great big brother!

kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

Go cayden for being a great sleeper!! Love love those chunky cheeks you have. You handsome little man