Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Cayden

Happy Birthday to our sweet little 1 year old, all I can say is where did the past year go? I can't believe our little man turned 1 on Tuesday September 24th! We had a birthday party for him on Saturday, just cake and ice cream with some friends and family! Thank you to everyone who came we sure love you all and appreciate it! I had a good friend make him a Donald Duck cake, it turned out so dang cute, I just loved it! I made Cayden his own little cake to eat and he LOVED that, he kept making all these funny excited noises and was so hilarious to watch him eat it! He also loved when everyone was singing to him, he had a huge smile on his face the whole time! On his actual Birthday we got him a little nothing bundt cake, and sang to him again and he ate almost the whole thing!
Cayden at 1 year
-Crawling all around and up the stairs
-he says Mom, Dada, B (for brysen), Kiss, Tickle Tickle, uhh oh, up, Bye and is always just talking away
-Still such a mamas boy and always wants his mom
-Loves his food and will eat whatever you put in front of him
-We took away his bottle and now he is just has a sippy cup
-takes two naps a day and bed time sleeps from 7:30 to usually 8:30 a.m
-He loves his sleep he always laughs or smiles when you put him in his crib
-Loves and looks up to his big brother B so much
-He loves riding front wards in his cart seat, its a whole new world for him
-Kyle got him addicted to coke, every time he sees one he thinks he needs to drink some
-Such a happy guy still and always laughing and smiling
-He is so good at standing and moving around but is not confident enough to walk
-He waves Bye bye, always clapping his hands too
-gives high fives 
-His way he always jibber jabbers is hilarious, nothing like I have ever heard any other baby haha
-Gives kisses and hugs and will lay his head down and say awwwww
-He always has to talk to his food before he eats it, makes me laugh so hard, especially if its a treat
I can't even begin to tell you how much we love this little boy and are so happy we have been blessed with him in our lives! We love you so much Cayden Nicholas! Happy Happy 1st Birthday ♥

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kye ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

Cayden is such a sweet boy!! I'm so happy we were able to wish him a happy birthday!!