Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our last trip to Disneyland

In January we headed to Disneyland one last time with our passes with my family! We had such a great time, we left Wednesday and came home on Sunday! We did California adventure on Thursday and Disneyland Friday and then went to Oceanside the rest of the weekend and stayed at a beach house and went to the beach and just relaxed! It was so nice doing one park a day and riding and doing everything we wanted in each park instead of wasting time running around both parks! I wish we would have done that more times that we had gone! I love spending time with family and especially in Disneyland! Thanks mom for spoiling my boys so much in the parks and thanks christensens for letting us stay at the beach house! This was def one of my favorite trips to dland the whole time we had our passes! B wasn't feeling to great the whole time we were there but was still so good! My nephew Luke was so funny he loved all the big rides and snuck onto some! This was such a great trip and I love making all the memories with my family!

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Rachael Mulder said...

What a cute family and a fun tradition! ;)