Sunday, November 28, 2010

8 months

Our cute little man is now 8 months, i am sure you are sick of these updates, they are more for me to remember things!
-He stands so good on his own now, he grabs on things to try and pull himself up and gets so excited and proud of himself when he does
-His first tooth finally is threw after 4 long months of teething (lots more to come)
-He is always so happy and smiley
-He weighs 20 pds
-He says dada
-He loves his baby food, he gets so excited the second he sees it!
-He is trying to learn how to crawl, he gets up and rocks or is in a yoga position but can't figure out what to do with his arms
-He loves to bounce and everyone who holds him knows that he owns a bouncer
-He has a temper on him(gets that from his parents)
-He loves to play with his basket of toys, but he gets bored of them once he has taken every single toy out
-He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-He will only sleep with a blanket over his face
-He loves his toothbrush, its so dang funny to watch him chew on it

OHHH i love this little boy so much, and i would die without him! Being a mommy is amazing and gets more and more amazing every single day♥


Austin & Sarah said...

Ashlyn it seems like just yesterday you had him. just when i think he cant get any cuter he DOES! he seems like such a fun little boy. and i know your a great mom!!

Steven said...

Congratulations on that first tooth.

Remember to catch the Tooth Fairy in the act whenever that tooth pops out.

Free with code: Fairy-Proof (a $10 value)

Andy and Natalie said...

I love these updates! Please don't stop them :), it's the only way I get to see how he's doing!

8 months... has it really been 8 months? WOW! I can't believe how cute he is! He is a perfect blend of the two of you.