Sunday, October 2, 2011

Girls Trip

On the weekend of the 23, My Mom, Shana, and I headed up to Salt Lake for a GIRLS TRIP! It was so much fun and such a nice little get away, I missed my sweet little family but it was so fun! Friday, we stopped in St. George and ate at Kneaders, then we shopped at Krumpettes and got some very very cute Halloween decorations! When we got to Salt Lake we got changed and went and ate at Tucanos and then did a little shopping! The next day my grandma, Stacy, and Callie headed up and we ate breakfast at the hotel and went shopping for almost the whole day! We went to the cutest Chocolate shop called Hatches, little people own it and operate it, it was so yummy, they have also been on TLC! After shopping we got to attend The Womans Session of General Conference, it was so amazing! A huge thanks to my Aunt Kathleen for getting us tickets and such great seats! After the broadcast we ate at the Blue Lemon, which i DON'T recommend anyone eating at this place! We had the most awful experience with a manager and food being cold and oh man I could go on and on but I won't! Sunday we kinda relaxed for a bit then headed home! It was a very fun and short trip but  I loved every second of it with the girls! Hopefully we can do it more often :)

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Stephanie said...

What a fun trip!! :) Love you and your sister's fishy faces. Hope you guys are doing well.