Friday, October 7, 2011

18 months

Seriously I can't believe how fast time goes by when you have a child! This little boy is now 18 months as of September 27, I keep wondering to myself no he can't be half way too 2, he just turned one or so I feel like! This little man keeps us on our toes 24/7 and is very busy all the time! We love him more then anything even when he is a little devil(that is one of his nicknames i have given him haha)
At 18 months
-Loves books
-Loves Cars, vroom vrooms as he calls them
-Loves his moooom and dada
-Says Hi about a thousand times a day to everyone we pass and he sees
-He likes his nigh nigh (binky) but he only gets it for bed and naps
-Has quit the little temper and attitude, bangs his head on the floor! YES we know he is bound to have with his parents
-He went threw a hitting stage and I am hoping that has come to an end
-He still only has 8 teeth and 2 are molars and the rest of his gums are so swollen, I HATE teething
-He can be very sweet and give hugs and kisses only when he wants
-He loves babies and every time he sees one he says baby, baby mwahhhhh he thinks he needs to give everyone a kiss
-Climbs on everything tables, chairs, couches, anything his possibly can
-He is a trouble maker
-Loves to play with kids, especially his cute cousins :)
-Says lots and lots of words and picks up a new one everyday, drink, nigh nigh, mom, dad, please, thanks, more,HI, fan, waffles, he can say candy in his own way, bye bye, cheese, balloon
-He loves animals, dogs
-Loves planes, cars, ballons, trucks
-LOVES 4 wheelers
-Loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-He LOVES to dance, he is always dancing
-Acts crazy when he is over tired with a funny laugh and is so silly
-He is all boy and very busy we sure love him

his funny smile 

so proud of himself going down the slide all alone

Little Vampire


Stewart said...

We love you crazy little B! You are DARLING!

Stewart said...

That was Shana by the way