Monday, January 3, 2011


Our little man is 9 months, which means in 3 months he will be 1, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Time seriously goes by to quick when you have a baby!
At 9 months Brysen is
-He has 2 teeth a top one and a bottom one, and the other 2 next to those are just about threw too
-He loves his parents
-He has a bell that he LOVES
-He loves to stand and walk around the furniture
-He LOVES music, its the cutest thing
-Still loves his mickey mouse
-He is in a big boy carseat now
-He loves food, he gets so excited when its time to eat his solids
-He got a cookie monster for Christmas, i think its his new fav toy
-He weighs around 21 pds, yes he is a big boy
-He always says mama and dada
-Loves his grammy
-He is growing up WAY to fast
-His gramps makes him laugh so hard, the hardest i have EVER heard him laugh
-Loves his snacks
-He is the cutest boy and we couldn't love his cute face anymore, we are very blessed to have him in our life

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stewart.shana.ella said...

Happy nine months little B.