Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christmas was so much fun this year, it was B's first one, he didn't understand what was going on at all! He loved playing with the wrapping paper and with his presents once they were out of the boxes! He is one spoiled little boy I must say by EVERYONE! Christmas Eve we hung out with the Compton's all day! We started off at Yardhouse, and then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, after that we headed to the pole position, and then home to eat, and went to look at lights! That night I could barely sleep I seriously felt like a little kid again, so excited for Brysen's First Christmas! I can't wait till he is bigger and understands what is going on and playing Santa and all the other fun family traditions! Christmas morning we opened presents with the Compton's and then headed to my moms and opened presents there! I can't believe all the cute things B got from everyone! We ate dinner at my mom's house and then went and hungout at the Horn's that night! We usually go see a movie(family traditon, but we were SO busy we had no time) I love Christmas season, I feel like everyone is always happy and in great moods it makes me happy and I already can't wait for it next year!

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stewart.shana.ella said...

What a fun first Christmas for Brysen. He looks so cute with all his presents.