Sunday, February 27, 2011


Our little man is now 11 months old, which means next time i update he will  be 12 months, a year old are you kidding! When you have a baby life goes by way to fast and i wish it would slow down!
Our little B at 11 months
-He crawls soooo fast
-Is still walking around on all the furniture
-He is getting very good at standing by himself and balancing
-He says whas that, dog, roof roof, mama, dada, shakes his head no
-He can make a fish face
-He loves to clap and do patty cake and wheels on the bus
-He loves books and looks threw them all the time
-Gets into everything he is not supposed to of course
-On his touch and feel books he knows exactly where to touch and feel them
-Still just has his 4 little teeth, which i love
-Loves to jump
-Loves to climb the stairs
-Loves his little walker to walk around everywhere
-He really loves little kids, and loves his cousins Luke and Ella, especially to play with them
He is such a happy baby and is such a great baby, We are so lucky and have been so blessed!
Happy 11 Months B we love you so much
Mommy can't believe how big your getting♥


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stewart.shana.ella said...

Love, love the fish face. Your a cutie pie b.