Monday, March 7, 2011

My Beautiful Family♥

Have i ever mentioned how much I love my family and how grateful i am for them? I am so blessed and so lucky to have such an amazing family, not just the 3 of us but all of my family! Life is so much more amazing with a great family by your side! These pictures were taken by the wonderful photographer Anna Rasmussen, at the Art District! These 2 make me the happiest girl in the world, life is that much better with both of their faces in my life everyday! ♥
how cute is he in his hat, he looks like such a big boy
Have i also mentioned he started taking steps on saturday march 5 :) 
we are a very happy family, in case you couldn't tell 
my favorite, feet pictures 


Nick + Paige said...

Ashlyn. I'm DYING over all these pictures. You have the cutest little boy ever. Those cheeks!! Ah! So so happy for you. :)

Andy and Natalie said...

Those are adorable! I love how often you all get pictures done!

stewart.shana.ella said...

Love them all. They just turned out so dang cute.