Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20 Weeks

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound to make sure that everything with the baby is normal and that he has all his fingers, toes, and his brain and everything is functioning the way it should! He is doing perfect! He loves to keep his hands by his face so it was hard to get a pic of his profile cause he always had his hand in the way! Everything with me is going well too except my fluid is a little high but they will just have to pay attention to that but nothing to worry about they said! We also are over half way there! I am actually 21 weeks now! We will have to probably have our little man early just like his brother! I genetically don't have the greatest placentas so in my last trimester I will have to be monitored a little more then normal! This little man is pretty active and has been doing flips and punching me and kicking me! This is my favorite part of pregnancy, all the kicks, getting a belly, and having more energy! I really enjoy being prego but this will probably be our last! We love our sweet little Cayden so much already and we look forward to meeting him and we can't wait to see if he will look like his big brother or completely different!

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kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

Your adorable!! & love the sweet ultrasound picture!! Im interested to see if he and brysen will look alike also!!!