Sunday, March 10, 2013

Disney with family

Last weekend we headed to California with my Mom, Trent, Callie, and James! We had a great little trip and enjoyed our time with the family that we went with! We left Friday morning and came back late, late Sunday night! On Friday we ate at Chick fil A which is a must in this family (unless your Shana, she is odd) and then we went to Downtown Disney for awhile and then to Newport Beach and ate at the Rockin Baja Lobster, I love that place, its amazing! Saturday we got up super early and headed to the park right when it opened at 8am and we stayed all day till it closed at midnight but by the time we shopped and got done, it was after 12:30! It was a long day and we had such a great time! B was so cute he loves all the rides especially "stinky pirates" and Buzz Lightyear! He would probably just ride those all day if he could! Every ride he rode he would get off with the biggest smile and say "that was soooooo fun, I wanna ride another one" He was so good all day and finally crashed around 9:30 in his stroller talking to Callie! Cayden of course was so good, he is the best baby! He loves Disneyland already too and loves to look at all the stuff on the rides! I love going with family too, it always nice to have everyone with you and to enjoy the happiest place on earth with the people you love! Sunday Kyle and I took the kids in the park and did NOTHING it was so packed we saw Pluto and ate and left because it was to insane! We had such great trip but it went by way to quick, Thanks to my Mom and Trent for all they did! We are ready to go back again to Disneyland :)

This last picture of Cayden he is in the outfit "on Mickey Mouse" he had a blow out at about 9:30 at night and we couldn't find pajamas anywhere, between Kyle and I we went in to about 10 stores from California adventure to Disneyland! It was the same in every store " no we don't sell pjs that little, but this store does" finally I went to the baby care center were the lady who was working went out of her way to help us and had someone bring us that cute outfit ! She was so sweet and helped us so much and could tell how flustered I was! That def made my night! Thank heavens for nice people in this world :)

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