Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun the past Month

Easter weekend we headed up to Utah to see family and for my Grandma and Grandpa Laughters annual Easter Egg hunt they have every year! We stayed with my Grandma Abate, it was so nice to see family that we don't get to see very often and to talk and catch up with everybody! The boys had so much fun, B loved hunting Easter eggs and hitting the pinata! Cayden got a couple Easter eggs all by his self too! After the Easter egg hunt we went bowling, Kyle loves to bowl and B had so much fun! We had so much fun in Utah it was a quick but fun trip and we can't wait to head back up there this summer!

After Utah it was my birthday on April 5, man I am getting old, we went to sushi and then to Sugar Factory for dessert and walked the strip, it was so much fun! Kyle surprised me flowers and other things when he had gotten home from work, he rang the door bell and then hide! Love that man :) 

The night after my birthday we went down to Fremont Street to watch some of the Country artist sing, we saw Jana Kramer, who I LOVED from one tree hill that I used to watch every week, and Jake Owen! We had a great time but Fremont is just a little to crazy for me these days, to many people smoking and so many drunk people and the smell of nasty cigars 

On April 12th our sweet little Cayden had surgery, they couldn't do his circumcision when he was little cause he had a "hidden penis" so they had to fix that and they had to do a pubic anchoring! Needless to say it was a very hard day for me as the mom, when the nurses said we will take him now I started bawling and couldn't stop! I hated thinking my sweet boy was going under anesthesia at only 6 months old and I never have! They said it went great and he did amazing, its healing so well and its nice he has a "normal" unit now 

We are loving the weather here in Vegas, which means it is time to hit up the park all the time and man does B love it! We also had my cute grandparents come into town from Utah on my mom's side! We went to the Bellagio gardens, swam, BBQ, went to dinner, shopping and lots of other fun stuff! Its always great having family come visit!

this cute little boy is OBSESSED with stop signs, he will tell you and point out where every single one is! He cracks me up, he tells us the he is a stop sign lover! So of course when we were at Tivoli Village, there was a stop sign his size and he HAD to take a picture with it! Love my cutie

This past weekend we went to the PH pool with the Christensens and my mom, we swam for most of the day, we had so much fun hanging at the pool, that is another great thing about Vegas is it is finally pool weather and that is where we will spend most of our summer hanging in a pool (well hopefully) B is finally learning to swim with no floaty and he puts his head under and kicks and actually does a really good job! 

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