Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 months

Our sweet C man turned 7 months on April 24th, he is still the happiest and most sweetest little guy!
 -he says dada all the time
-he has gotten louder when talking, he obviously thinks he needs to be heard with his brother around
-he loves to eat, he laughs or has a laugh of excitement before every spoonful of food
-he loves his big brother, he never stops smiling at him
-shakes his head no all the time
-learned how to fake cough, makes me laugh
-he HATES when people yell or are loud he starts crying instantly
-he loves his mama and is still a mamas boy
-still such a great sleeper and takes 2 long naps a day and one catnap
-he is sitting up so great
-loves to play with all of his toys
-he is weighing about 19.6lbs
-he is loving the pool
We love this little guy and he brightens our life so much! We love him and his brother so much! ❤


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