Sunday, June 9, 2013

8 months

Our little man turned 8 months on May 24th
8 month-ism's
-He loves all food, he does this little laugh of excitement every time you feed him any food! He thinks he needs to eat any food that is around him even if he isn't allowed to have it
-Loves chocolate, he will freak out if you don't give him any
-He can stand on his own pretty well
-Started sucking on his bottom lip, its the funniest thing
-shakes his head no
-He is rolling all around, finally got up on his hands and knees
-He is very relaxed and calm baby
-Still the happiest and most smiley baby  I have ever seen
-Still has the same nap and sleep schedule
-this kids loves his brother, it is the cutest thing, B sings to him and always talks to him and he smiles from ear to ear
-He has started to get a little attitude! If he sees something he wants he gets mad till he gets it little stinker
-Loves his walker
-Loves to play with all of his toys, he will grab each one play with it and then go to the next till he has played with every one of them
-Went to his first movie saw Epic
-Starting to learn how to wave and LOVES to play pattycake
-HATES loud noises
We sure love you Cayden your such a joy to have around each and everyday! We sure love both our cute boys :)

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kye ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

Cayden!! Standing is not allowed yet!! You are too handsome for your own good ;)