Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nine Months

How are you going to be 1 in just 3 short months
9 month ism's
-You have both of your front bottom teeth
-You love to play patty cake
-You are always smiling and laughing
-Brysen makes you laugh and you love him so much
-Your nickname is still Monkey thanks to your big bro
-Your rolling around everywhere and still won't crawl, Lazy baby
-You love to dance and put your hands in the air
-You can clap
-You love food so much and think that you need to eat whatever food you see in your sight
-Sleeping the same, except you cut out your cat nap at night
-Such a Mama's boy, you always want your mom
-You love to splash in the bath and pool
-Loves to walk around in his walker
-You love shoving the little puffs in your mouth
-He makes the funniest noises now and can spit with his mouth well tongue, he has been trying for months to do that
-Loves to blow on peoples skin, Kyle calls its Zurburts
Your such a joy to have in our life and you are the best baby so calm and relaxed and so easy going! Your the biggest blessing and the easiest little guy! Love you Cayden Nicholas ♥

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