Monday, April 14, 2014

Presidents weekend

For President's Day weekend we went to Brian head with my Mom and Trent and the Christensen's! We had a blast, tubing, sledding, building snowman, snowball fights and just hanging out! I was really sick so I wasn't much fun, I went tubing and that pretty much killed me! Kyle and Stew built the most awesome sledding hill around the cabin and it kept the kids entertained for endless hours, it was so dang funny to watch them go down the hill, the crashes and all the fun the kids and men had haha! Brysen asks me almost everyday to go back, I swear Brian head is his most favorite place, whether it be in winter or summer, he would live there if he could! We love going up to Brian head, it's so beautiful and so relaxing and we especially love spending time with family! 

So for about two months in the Compton household someone was sick and it was mostly me, it started out with the two boys have colds and coughs, then I got sick and after two weeks went to the Dr and found out I had pneumonia in my left lung, after I started to feel better Cayden got bronchitis and a double ear infection and then a week later I got sick again and had a very severe ear infection! It was almost just as awful as pneumonia, my ear was clogged for like 4 weeks! After 7 weeks I was finally all better from everything and finally everyone has been healthy in my house! It was a good lesson for me to learn to appreciate being able to do all the little things in life cause I couldn't even hardly get out of bed! I am so thankful for my awesome hubby who took care of everything and did so much for me! I am so blessed!

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kyland ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

Cayden on the bridge walkway thing is killing me with such a little man he looks like!