Monday, April 14, 2014

18 months ♥ 4 years

Cayden turned 18 months on March 24th, it makes me so sad how fast my sweet little boy is growing up! This little boy is such a light in our lives, I am so thankful that I was blessed to be his mother!
18 monthisms
-He is a major mamas boys
-He loves to play with his big brother
-Thinks its hilarious to walk backwards
-All the things he says- mama, dada, please, jump, go, tickle tickle, roof roof, meow, don't, bye, no, hello, juice, ball, this, wow, catch, hi, baba (banana), two three go, boo
-he weighs 24 pounds and his head is in the 88 percentile haha
-he has the funniest personality and is always doing funny things cause he knows he is hilarious 
-Loves our dog Indie and is so sweet with her
-Loves to just wander around and play outside
-we just took him swimming and he LOVES it
-he claps when he is excited for food or when he is proud of himself or someone else
-Could spend hours at the park
-He is obsessed with his tooth brush and balls
-Still loves his sleep and takes 2 naps a day and goes to bed at 7:30, doesn't wake up till 7 to 8
-This kid loves his food
-He is the happiest, smilest, most kind, sweetest little boy ever
-he will randomly give hugs and kisses to the people he loves
-He has started getting kind of feisty
We are so thankful and blessed to have this sweet guy in our life!

B my handsome boy turned 4 on March 27! Who ever said it was okay for this cute boy to grow up and get so big, I was going through pictures wondering where the past 4 years have gone, and how much this boy has grown and changed! He looks like such a big boy and is growing up to be so much fun! On his birthday we went out to dinner at Zupas, which he picked and he got nothing bundt cake and we sang and he opened his presents from us! He was so cute to watch on his birthday, he still tells me he wants to be 3 and not 4! We had a birthday party for him that Saturday, he wanted a Luigi party, my good friend made his cake and it turned out great, we had a piñata and some close friends and family come over for cake and ice cream! He had a blast and was so spoiled by friends and family!
4 yearisms
-he is crazy, stubborn, hard headed, sweet, all boy and so much fun
-his favorite color is green
-he loves to put puzzles together and play his matching game
-Loves to play outside, ride his bike and go to the park
-Not a huge fan of sunbeams yet
-He is such an amazing little swimmer, and could stay in the pool all day
-He loves to play games on phones and ipads and works them better then me
-He loves jake and the never land pirates, luigi from Mario bros, despicable me
-He loves to play basketball and is so good at that and any other sports he plays
-He weighs 35 pounds and is in the 97 percentile for his height, he is so dang tall
-this kid eats and snacks all day long and is so skinny
-dog lover, he loves our dog and wont ever leave her alone, anytime he sees a dog he needs to pet it
-He loves to play with Legos, and to color and he makes the cutest people ever
We are so blessed to have this cute boy in our lives and we love him to the moon and back!

We did some family pictures with Kyle's family a month ago, my father in law got sick so we will have to do more but we also got some 4 year old and 18 months of my boys which I love so much and my mother in law did some senior pics of Kyle's bros! Here are a few of the ones I love!



Rachael Mulder said...

Such great pictures! Your little family is so cute!

kyland ericka allyson ruby stella ❤ said...

Time flies so quick!! I love the family pictures!! You look gorg like always