Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1 month already?

He is not so tiny in daddy's hand anymore

he was trying to poo haha

He smiled but i only caught it half way

Brysen went swimming for the first time with his cousin:)

Daddy loves his son :)

I can't believe our baby is a month old today, where the heck does the time go! Brysen got his shots today and he now weighs 9pds and 3 ozs little chunk :) he is 21 inches long now! I wish he could just stay tiny forever i love him this little! Brysen has now discoverd his tongue and plays with it sometimes, he also has started to talk, baby talk as my cute niece would say :) He sleeps really good threw the night and only gets up once to eat! He is getting a double chin and i LOVE it! Our little man is so fun! Kyle tells me everyday he can't wait till Brysen gets bigger and he can throw him in the air, ohhh man! We love our little man so much, he is so fun and i am sure will just keep getting funner as he grows! We love being parents to our sweet little guy!


stewart.shana.ella said...

So cute, we love little brysen. They were pretty funny in the hot tub.

Andy and Natalie said...

Geez, it's really been a month? Wow! He is such a cutie.

P.S. How in the world do you do your hair so cute all the time?

kye ericka allyson ♥ said...

he is such a cutie i cant believe its been a month already :]

Adam and Ashley said...

Time does fly. Enjoy it. My baby just popped two teeth this week. Yikes. You have one cute little boy.