Sunday, April 11, 2010


Brysen has found his thumb, it was so stinking cute but i don't want it to be a habit cause i know it would be a HARD one to break! It is so cute when there little but once they get bigger not so cute!
I can't believe our babes is 15 days old, i seriously have no idea where the time is going! Brysen is such a doll and we can not get enough of him! He is such a great baby and never fusses, just when he wants food and thats it! We are so blessed to have such an amazing baby :)


Andy and Natalie said...

He is darling! So cute, so adorable!

Hopefully that thumb thing doesn't stick. :)

Sean and Hollee said...

Brysen is so cute! I can't wait to see him.

shana said...

That is so funny. I love it. Ella did the same thing a few times. Brysen is a cutie pie:)