Friday, April 23, 2010


Our new life with this little boy! He is such a good baby, i LOVE every minute with him and we are seriously so blessed to have him in our lives!

All the pictures below were taken by Anna Rasmussen :) she is a great photographer and i recommend her to everyone! I just had to post these pictures cause i love them so much

the 3 cutest kids i have evern seen in my life
Ella, Brysen, and Luke
Ella's best friends as she would say :)

Brysen and Luke, 8 days apart they are going to be best buds
They are the cutest little boys i have EVER seen :)

Brysen's cute little feet:)


stewart.shana.ella said...

LOVE these pictures!

grammyjan said...

Yes, these three are the cutest most precious I have ever seen, I love them so much. Grammy loves her grandkids and is so glad that I get to see them all the time, they change so much.

kye ericka allyson ♥ said...

i LOVE the pictures so cute and the kids are even cuter i love how close all of you are :]]