Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Generations

Brysen has him, his daddy, grandma, great grandma, and a great great grandma! How many of you have 5 generations? i am guessing not really anyone :) This doesn't happen to often to have this many generations, Brysen is a lucky boy!
This is Kyle's side of the family, my side only has 4 generations which is still pretty neat also

Kyle's brothers were ordained to teachers this weekend so we had some family in town and hung out it was fun, they came all the way from New Mexico :) we took lots and lots of pictures this is only a few!

Another 5 generation picture :)

This is also another 5 generation picture we took lots :)

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dan[and]rach said...

That is sooo cool and special... five generations! Those pictures will always be such a treasure to you and your family!

He's precious. :]