Friday, September 10, 2010

You know your a mommy when...

your new perfume is usually smelling like spit up
you trade your late nights for early mornings
you trade your long relaxing bath with a QUICK shower
The only thing that is EVER on your mind is your little sweetheart
I love being a mommy
I think back to before we had our sweet little man, I don't know how i ever survived without his cute face in my life :)
I love every change that he has made in my life
I am so grateful to be a mom what a blessing it is
I love waking up every morning and as soon as Brysen see's my face he has the BIGGEST smile, it melts my heart every time :)
Today when i got up with him i gave him to kyle for just a min and all he wanted was me! I love how attached he is to me and to his daddy! Its amazing at how little they are and you can just tell how much they love you!
He is such a mommy and daddy's boy
When Kyle gets home from work Brysen gets so excited its the cutest thing!
We are so lucky to have this cute little face in our lives :)

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stewart.shana.ella said...

Love the tie picture. It is seriously cute:)