Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Little Man♥

I think i am still going to tell about brysen every so often and all the things he is doing just for me to remember :)
-He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his fav part is the hot dog dance
-He is such a dancer anytime he hears music he starts to dance, even at church with the hymns
-He knows who is Jesus is and always points him out and says his name
-He is starting to copy everything you say
-He always so ohhh toddles, ohhhhhh daaaaaa is how he says it
-He still says whas that a million times a day and points to what it is he wants to know what it is
-He says dad, mama, ruff ruff, ball, duck, Jesus, ohhh yaaaaa, makes a monkey sound, tick tock, mwahhh
-He always lays his head down on people and says awwwww
-Loves to play with his toys
-He loves other little kids so much
-He is such a great walker and has been for the past few months
-He loves food,he can be very picky with some tho
-His fav foods are bananas and granola bars he goes crazy over them
-He will blow kisses and make the mwahhh sound
-He gives the best kisses and hugs but only when he wants too
-One of is favorite people is my brother James, its so cute

He is learning so much everyday and i love it, he is such a smart, sweet, handsome little guy! I am so happy to have him as a huge part of my life! I love you Brysen Carter

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