Friday, August 17, 2012

4D Ultrasound

Today we went to Miracle in Progress to have a 4D Ultrasound of Mr. Cayden, he is so stinking cute I can't hardly stand it! The Tech said that he has LOTS of hair, chubby chubby cheeks, a cute button nose and I think he looks SO much like Brysen! Sorry babe my genes just kick yours away :) In the pictures of him, his face is right next to my placenta and he is already head down, the tech said he likes to use my placenta as a pillow for his little face, so it was hard to get great pictures but I think they are pretty good even with my placenta being right in his face! You can still see how dang cute he is! Having this ultrasound makes us more and more excited for his arrival which will probably be in about 6 weeks :) These pictures are of Cayden at 31 weeks!

He is sticking out his tongue :)

This is his little foot in case you can't tell :)

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