Sunday, August 5, 2012


I can't even begin to tell you how much we love this little guy, he brightens are day everyday! I had to write this post more so for us to remember how funny and cute he is right now! This little boy says the funniest things that crack me up all the time! I am sure I will have to come back and add more because he says different things all the time and I am sure I have forgotten some too!
-One morning I asked what he wanted for breakfast and he told me "Fries and Coke"
-He started calling me mamacita, so now he adds that to everyone's name, daddycita, grammycita, lukeycita, woodycita! Kyle hates it that he calls him that but I happen to think it is hilarious
-He calls popsicles, popsuckers haha
-When he jumps in the pool he will clap and say "brysen, brysen, brysen" a million times before he jumps
-When he sings itsy bitsy spider he sings it "itsy bitsy spiderman"
-He loves fireworks so at night in his prayers a few times he would thank heavenly father for fireworks
-Love is Lobe, and he tells Kyle and I all the time that he Lobes us, and woody and a lot of his toys!
-He asked me to see his brother, and told me he wants to kiss him and hug him
-He will randomly bust out and say "SHAKE YO BOOOOOTAYY"
-He always talks about himself in 3rd person, He always says "what's Brysen doing", or "Brysen silly"  "thank you Brysen, your welcome Brysen" and lots more!
-He loves Little Rascals, so he is always saying "otay" instead of okay
-He is talking in sentences now which I think is the cutest thing ever
-His way of counting is 1,2,4,5,6,7,8
-He loves to sing I am a Child Of God ( we sing it every night before bed)
-His most favorite thing right now is garbage trucks
-He LOVES milk and drinks so much of it
-Kyle taught him to give the look which is in one of the pics below in his batman shirt
-He loves big trucks
For now I can't think of all the other funny things so I will be coming back and editing
We love you Brysen Carter

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