Sunday, February 17, 2013

4 months

I keep wondering how this kid keeps getting a month older, I feel like I blink and bame he is 4 months old! This little guy is still the sweetest, happiest, easy little man around! He got to go to Disneyland for the first time at 4 months old, and he was so easy and so alert and aware of everything going and DIDN'T want to sleep hardly at all in the park, he apparently thought he would miss out if he did! (this post is a little late, he is almost 5 months now! look for that update soon)
At 4 months
-Smiles and laughs, we finally got him to full on laugh instead of just chuckle
-He went swimming for the first time this month
-We started him on rice cereal and he LOVES it, the first time he ate some I couldn't believe how well he did
-He takes 2, 3 hours naps and one cat nap at night
-He sleeps anywhere from 8 pm -8 am, we are trying for 730 bedtime now, he usually only cries out 1 if that for his bink
-He eats 4 times a day and drinks anywhere from 5 to 9oz
-He is such a little chub and I LOVE his chubbiness
-Obsessed with the TV, I always catch his staring at it
-Love his Mickey Mouse we got him in Disneyland, he is always attacking his nose
-He eats rice cereal once a day
-He is getting so close to rolling over, but will move himself around in a circle under his baby Einstein
-the happiest baby ever, I swear he never stops smiling
-He talks SO loud, he needs to be heard over his crazy brother
-He gets so mad and shakes if you don't feed him right on time
-LOVES his food is probably an understatement
-Grabs at everything, pulls his bink out of his mouth
-Loves all of his toys
We sure love this cute little guy, he is such a blessing :)

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kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

He is such a handsome little man! And he is seriously such a happy dude!!