Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Happiest place on Earth just got Happier :)

Kyle and I decided to do Disneyland Passes for each other for Christmas! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was, so at the end of January we went and got them and spent 3 days at the happiest place on earth! We had such a great time! Friday when we got there, we got our passes and then hung out in the park for a few hours! It was raining so while we were there we walked on pretty much every ride! The first ride B wanted to ride was Pirates, so we did! He thought it was scary but asked to go on it again later! We left and went to the hotel and changed our wet clothes and the headed back to the park and walked on all the rides that we rode the rest of the night! We even got to see the fireworks since it stopped raining for a bit! Saturday we got up bright and early to head to the park all day! It was misting a little in the morning and I prayed it would stop and about 10 mins after being in the park it did, and it was sunny and nice the rest of the day (it was supposed to rain all weekend, so I was sad and so happy when it didn't) We hit up Carsland which was amazing, I felt like we were in the movie! They did such an amazing job! We rode as many rides as we could at both parks! B was so good and loved every second of it! He loved having the characters sign his book and take pictures with them and talk to them to tell them where we were headed to next in Dland, he LOVED buzz astro blaster! Everytime I would go nurse Cayden, Kyle and B would go and ride that! Sunday we went into the park for a few hours and had such a blast and then we headed home! It was such a fun trip! We have never gone just as our own little family, we have always gone with my family or friends! We had such a blast and B asks everyday to go back, the nice thing about having passes is that we totally can! We are actually going back in a few weeks! Cayden was so so so good, he never cried and he let us do whatever and just relaxed and was amazing all 3 days, B was so much fun, I love this age and how fun it is to watch him, he understands and knows now and it makes it that much more fun for us as parents, I am obsessed and love dland anyways but it makes it that much better! We had such an amazing trip and we look forward to many more this year :)


Emily Harkness said...

What a dream to have Disneyland passes!! I wish someday we can go when it is not crowded...but that may never happen. I can't believe how chubby your little guy has gotten. I'm glad he is such a good baby for you. Kids make life so much fun!!

kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

Woohoo for ap's! They totally are the best! In love with your picture in front of the castle! Disneyland is always such an awesome time!