Friday, August 27, 2010

My blue eyed boy♥

Is now 5 months old, are you joking me? he is getting so big so quick and time needs to slow down a little!
We love this boy and can't get enough of him, he is such, calm, great, cute, and amazing little baby!
-At his last dr appt he weighed 17pds 4ozs and was 26.2 inches long
-He is so smart and trys to copy everything you do and have a conversation with you
-He loves his baby einstein toys they are his favortie
-He loves his mikey mouse
-His burp cloth is his most favorite thing, you could give him a toy and that and he would be more interested in his burp cloth
-He loves the water and loves going swimming
-He sleeps from 8 to 7 or 8(if his teeth are not bugging him)
-He takes 2, 3 hour naps a day
-He is so happy and smiley, I love it
-He has started to scoot
-He finally likes tummy time, not for to long but he likes it
-He will only roll over when he wants to he is lazy haha
-When you cover him up for his naps and bedtime he kicks his covers right off :)

We love our little man :) he has brought so much joy into our life in these 5 short months

his favorite ways to sleep :)

his new toy he loves it :)

haha he fell asleep in his bumbo i was laughing so hard silly boy :)


kyland ericka & allyson said...

i cant believe he is starting to scoot SO SO crazy he is such a cute handsome boy!!!!

Andy and Natalie said...

Really? Did the last month really go by that quickly? 5 months... how crazy!

stewart.shana.ella said...

I love how he fell asleep in his bumbo... cutie pie