Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disneyland In March

Brysen and I headed to California with my sister Shana and her kids for a few days back in March and of course we went to Disneyland, we had such a great time! We hung out and just relaxed most of the time with Shana's sis in law and her kids and she lets us stay with her! We went and walked down by the beach and hung out by a park right near the water cause it was way to cold to even hang on the beach and swim in the water! Then of course the next day we hung out all day in Disneyland, Brysen wasn't to sure about all the rides at first and then LOVED them! He is such a thrill seeker so I was surprised at first when he didn't really like the rides! He still LOVES all the characters and would probably take one home with him to play with all day everyday if he could! Such a fun trip and thanks to Anna for having brysen and I and to Shana for letting us tag along :)

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