Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing catch up

He popped all 30 ballons and thought it was the best thing EVER

He loved the cake frosting well the fondant haha 
Sorry for all the blog postings but I am going to play catch up with the year that has already flown by, I have become a slacker at posting whats going on in our life :)

Well my sweet baby turned 2 in March! We can't even believe it! Where is the time going???? We left for Disneyland on his actual birthday! When we got back we had a little party for him at my moms, we had cake and ice cream and then we swam afterwards! I had some girls at my work make him a Toy Story Cake cause he is OBSESSED with that movie! He loves buzz and woody! They did a great job and I was impressed! He was of course spoiled by all of our friends and family who came, so thank you to all :)
I can't believe how much he is changing and how much he looks like a little boy instead of a baby, kind of depressing cause I don't want him to ever grow up! He is talking so so much and is such a sweet boy, well most of the time he is sweet! This sweet boy has brought us so much joy for over 2 years and we sure love him more then he will ever truly know! He got a bike for his birthday and he loves it! I could go on and on and tell you everything about this cute man, cause we sure love everything about him and all the little things he does but I will spare you :)

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